Numero Doze?


As terrible a movie as it was. This one is definitely worth the look. Its a story of 3 friends that get trapped on a ski lift at a ski resort that is totally not fuckin open for a good 5 days.. Get what you will from that synopsis. Terrible movie but for some reason I couldn’t look away. It was very much predictable and the acting was terrible.

But guess what? Noones ever fucking done a movie like it. So its worth your time. If you don’t like it don’t come back here crying to me that you spent your hard earn coins on it. Consider yourself warned.


Watch. This. Shit

Fucking back to blow your mind away with some titles that are definitely worth the view.

Numero fucking uno!

Watch Scott Pilgrim. Dont need a mini review here. Basically all there is to be said, is. Fuckin cool movie. If you’re like myself and are from that beautiful X generation of the 80s and 90s, this one will hit home with you, im sure.

Edgar Wright can do no wrong. The mans got vision. Check it out.

Superman done right.

Writer/Producer Christopher Nolan hired Zach Snyder to helm his adaptation of Superman.

All I have to say to that is, well done DC. Way to keep it all above par. Way to not go down the money grubbing selfish roads that marvel has so successfully taken thus far in the game.

With the news of this and the fact that none other than the great Martin Campbell is behind DC’s The Green Lantern. It seems as though DC is on the correct path to greatness and seem to be more concerned with great care of their beloved characters than that of Marvel.

Can’t wait to see what they’ll do with The Flash.

Stay Tuned I guess, in the meantime watch this.



New Sucker Punch Trailer

I don’t honestly even know why I still blog on this site.

The amount of traffic to my blog has decreased substantially.

I can only blame myself for the decrease in traffic. Perhaps if I actually updated this blog, or had anything interesting to talk about at all?

Either way, how bout just, fuck you. Watch this new trailer for Sucker Punch and try not to orgasm all over your keyboard.

This should be a gooder, Zack Snyder can do no wrong, as he’s proved to us all.

Watch this shit.

Again with the no posting bullshit.

I don’t have much to offer other than my own opinions on things.

Because of this and the fact that I hate most of the human race. I have a hard time getting the motivation to share my thoughts and opinions with a group of people that I have nothing but distaste for.

I think of people, and my mouth instantly starts to salivate, because I’m going to throw up at the very thought of most humans.

Disgusting putrid race of creatures. I hate most of you. The lucky few that I call my friends, are still fucked.

With that said, I watched The Social Network last night. Let me tell you, I felt Jesse Eisenberg was amazing, I felt like I could relate to the character of Marc Zuckerberg on a number of different levels.

When you think about a movie about Facebook.. You think.. “wow, really, already? too soon.. facebooks fuckin gay”

That’s what I thought at least. I am one of the many people that nay say everything facebook but for some reason still use the fucking thing.

The Social Network is actually not as much about Facebook as it is about the young brilliant minds surrounding the inception of social networking and the inevitable lawsuits that piled up onto Zuckerberg after Facebook became global.

Amazing acting all around the board. Jesse Eisenberg really hit his A game here, along with Justin Timberlake who plays Napster founder, Sean Parker, who still owns 7% of facebooks shares.

The film plays out like a college frat party film, animal house for computer geniuses. Not much of this aspect of the film is true to life, from what i’ve read but it definitely adds some gusto to the film. That gusto is accompanied by a fucking bad ass soundtrack put together by none other than NIN front man Trent Reznor. Hard pounding and subtle industrial tracks make the atmosphere of the film that much more devitalized.

All in all, this one is a keeper. Definitely lacking in the excitement department. I can see this turning out much like last years over hyped Up In the Air, with George Clooney, who, at the time of its release, had only to go pick up his statue as far as most critics were concerned. Up In the Air ended up winning nothing, and was bashed for being a little bit to pretentious of itself. I think thats what The Social Network is doomed to be. Another attempt at a few statues for Fincher and crew. The problem with the film come awards season, isn’t that they didnt do a good enough job. Because they did. It’s because True Grit, will undoubtedly win everything available and be hailed as the years best film. The Coen Brothers can do no wrong, and I honestly believe that if anyone deserves the Oscar back to back its my main man Jeff Bridges..

Either way, what this movie lacks in excitement and fact. It makes up for in Photography, sound and acting.

Worth the watch, even once.

Who ever wins whatever awards this awards season, we all know that the actual winner should be INCEPTION. Thats all im gonna say about that.

Go check out The Social Network, if you like doing things illegally there is a really decent DVD Screener online of the film. Download it, or go to the cinema, id say its worth your time.

Listen to this shit..

I don’t usually do this with my blog… It seems lately this blog is more for me to share cool shit rather than views on film… Either way.. If theres one thing I love as much as movies its music.. I picked up this album yesterday and it’s really great.. Really relaxing.. refreshing sound.. check out a couple tracks from these guys.. just for the hell of it.

how about this one… too…