Lunchbox Makes Shit Movies

Yoga Hosers (2016)

Kevin Smith is, for lack of a better word, a cunt.

A once thriving independent filmmaker, with some of the most interesting screenplays and rich characters, has now devolved into a fat self loathing piece of shit.

I can go on for days and days about just how much this man shit on his own career. It seems what he’s doing now, is making him happy, so who am I to say anything? Well, fuck him. The man hasn’t had a good review for a film since, Dogma, really. Let’s take a serious look at this. A lot of people drool with obsession over this guy. I can’t stand the guy, well, I can and I can’t. He did make Clerks and Mallrats and Dogma. I just don’t like what he’s seriously praised for and I really don’t like what he’s not praised for.

Chasing Amy, worst fucking movie ever. Listening to Joey Lauren Adams, cry scream about getting fucked by 10 guys, is not my idea of good dialogue or reasonable conflict, maybe she ruined it for me, maybe it was just fucking awful. Jason Lee, was usually there to step in and turn shit into gold. So there was that, but not enough of that.

Ah whatever, the man made Cop Out and very publicly came out and proclaimed his soul was destroyed and his essence of filmmaking had been forever ruined. Yah, blame this shit I’m about to show you, on the critics, you fucking fat idiot. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, kicked a lot of ass, Jason Mewes is a gem. I’ve recently heard they’re back on track for another instalment into their strange world. I am okay with that. So, for what he could potentially have coming up, Mallrats 2, Clerks 3, I have my hopes up for. Everything else this guy has touched in 15 years has been so fucking bad its embarassing. Most of his films look like they were a series of short films poorly edited together, made and distributed for 50 bucks by a film school drop out. Yep, dont believe me? Check out this trailer, as a Canadian, I’d have to say, this is actually slightly offensive. Fuck you Kevin Smith.

This cocksucker seems to think he has some kind of “In” with Canada, this is offensive and he is making a mockery of a country, he claims to love. Asshole. Fuck you Kevin Smith you giant douche bag.


2 thoughts on “Lunchbox Makes Shit Movies

  1. I fucking HATE Kevin Smith. Did you see Red State? Wtf was that shit? Why the fuck did John Goodman lower himself to that? Ugh…

  2. Red State could have been so much better!!! So disappointing. Yes, I can’t stand the guy. He comes off as such an arrogant cunt too.

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