Remember, Remember the 11th of November.

Well since it is November 11th and we’re all to remember those amazing men (and women, more recently) that lost their lives so that we can blog and facebook and have these retarded freedoms we take for granted every day. The best I can do for them other than give them my infinite gratitude, is pop in a movie to help me remember what they did for us.

As far as im concerned no movie has hit home (Canada) as hard as Paul Gross’ recent Passchendaele.

A film about the battle of Passchendaele, and basically exactly what we canadians are remembering today.

So if it’s in your heart to be reminded of what these men did. Pick up Passchendaele and pop it in to the old blu ray. This film was actually quite good and really quite violent. A very influenced and accurate portrayal of the events before and after vimy ridge and the subsequent events leading up to the battle of Passchendaele.

Don’t ever forget. Ask yourself today, what the fuck have I ever done for my country or my country men?

I can tell you that If you’re the same age as me the answer to that will always be NOTHING.

So before you take every liberty you have for granted today. Remember why you have those liberties.

Much respect.


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