Numero Tres.

I will recommend a classic now.

Im sure most, if not all of you, have never actually sat through an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Everyone knows. Everyone Hears. But have you ever actually taken the time to find out why Hitchcock is considered one of the greatest directors of all time?

Jimmy Stewarts collaboration with Hitchcock in the 50s and early 60s was amazing. The kind of Director/Actor pair up the likes of Scorsese and DeNiro .

What those two men did together for film is entirely unforgettable. Rear Window and Vertigo have to be 2 of my very favorite films of all time. So with that said.. I can almost guarantee you that you’ve never seen Vertigo. Rear Window maybe, more publicized, a story made famous by constant pop culture references and remakes.

Vertigo on the other hand is an acquire taste. But once you acquire the taste it goes down as smooth as any 12 year old scotch.

Check it out, they’ve just recently rereleased an anniversary edition blu ray and let me tell you. I had the privilege to sit down and watch this remastered version of hitchcocks finest film. It was nothing short of amazing.. the sound the picture the photography the acting.. Fuckin jimmy stewart..

Please if you love movies like I do, do yourself a favor and go grab a copy of this and watch it as soon as humanly possible. You will NOT be disappointed. This is one of the best.


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