Countdown to Halloween, Day 1. Session 9

I believe I’ve blogged on Session 9 in the past, I dont honestly think I said anything of importance regarding the film, probably just a bit of praise in passing. Filmed in a style reminiscent of the earlier works of Michael Mann… True story, by none other than the magnificent Brad Anderson, who’s other works include, Next Stop Wonderland, Happy Accidents and my personal favorite, The Machinist. Session 9 is a staggeringly commanding film that deserves praise and recognition in all forms. The amazing photography throughout, the writing, the direction, the acting the editing… It really is something to behold in all its elemental glory.

At face value Session 9 feels like a different take on a familiar story. ie, The Shining, but when we dig deeper we find that it’s the characters and what drives these characters that makes this film radically different from that of the industry modus operandi. This is not your run of the mill horror film, there is no resolution, there is no good guy or bad guy. Session 9 at its core is a psychological thriller, this is essentially why it is so effective. It comes off as a ghost story in most respects but as things start to unravel you realize that it is very much not a ghost story, it is very much a character study, a study in multiple personalities.

Session 9, if given the right amount of assiduity, will scare the fuck right out of you. This is a horror film that you must absorb from the beginning to truly feel its effects. I’ve seen this one 30 times and every fucking time I feel uneasy afterwards, I let myself get too involved into the story, every fucking time, which leaves me feeling on edge and somewhat bloated in the heart.¬† It is hard to explain what may happen to you if you give this cinematic achievement that correct amount of absorption. It is very hard to say.

All in all, Session 9 is one for the archives, this is a horror film made in the 90’s that actually got it right, Brad Anderson deserves a medal and we deserve to offer him our approbation.

Please do yourself a favor, if you haven’t seen this shit, WATCH THIS SHIT. Sorry no plot details for this one, or any film I discuss in my countdown to halloween, just the effect….


Please, check this shit out, watch this shit. Come back by tomorrow, we’re gonna continue the countdown with Misery.


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