You will be sorely missed sir, with the likes of Roadhouse, Dirty Dancing and The Outsiders under your belt, you will. be. sorely. missed.

Patrick Wayne Swayze was born August 18, 1952.  He was born in Houston Texas.  His mother was a choreographer and dancer, his father an engineering draftsman.

The swayze was first seen as a dancer in the late 70’s early 80’s for Disney on Parade,  had brief supporting roles on broadway in productions of Grease.  Until he got his debut film role as Ace in Skatetown U.S.A… Which btw fuckin’ rocked shit… He then went on to star in some television including M*A*S*H and the Renegades.  He gained notoriety in a supporting turn as C. Thomas Howells older brother in Francis Ford Copollas, The Outsiders.

The following year he landed a role in Red Dawn.. WHICH happens to be one of my personal favorites from the 80’s… Fucking bad ass movie…

It wasn’t until 1987, that he rocketed to super fuckin stardom.. With a little movie called DIRTY FUCKING DANCING.. Ah my god i love that movie… Any guy that says they don’t like Dirty Dancing is a closet case homosexual… So good.. Jennifer Grey is fantastic…

So after being in the public eye and everyone loving him he landed a role in a film I like to call the best fucking movie of all time… Point Break.  Fuck yeah!! Have you seen that shit? Fuckin’ best shit ever, You’ve got bank robberies, surfing, rubber nixon masks, Kathryn Bigelow, guns, explosions and fucking GARY BUSEY… MAN what a show..

After all that he kind of failed to catch on to the movie going public… The one thing that you gotta admire about Swayze is that, even when his career was in the “dumps” so to speak, he never complained, he never bitched.  He shook his head and pressed on, with an enormous amount of dignity, class and southern charm.  He starred in some off-broadway plays through the late 90’s and eventually landed a supporting role in Waking Up in Reno… Which “sort of” got his career back on track.  He went on to star in a few very impressive supporting roles… His role in Donnie Darko in 2001 garnished him rave reviews and put him back into the acting circle.  He appeared in this years Powder Blue, where he turned in a virtuoso performance as an aging rockstar….

Swayze was only 57 years old… You know, thats not that old… Shit like this happens to the best of us and yet we’re still left on this planet having to read about Lindsay Lohan and her disgusting whore face.  Why is that?  Why would a man of such integrity and talent be swept away at 57…. He never did drugs, he wasn’t a drinker… It’s a really sad, unfortunate turn of events… Farah Fawcett dying earlier this year was sad, but not sad like this… Fuck Farah Fawcett, she had nothing left in her and she fucked her kids up beyond repair… It was her time to go.  And you know what, Swayze got his shit back together, he was starring on a highly rated primetime show The Beast, things were going great, then he gets the memo.  You’ve got 6 months buddy… WTF…  Fuck this planet and all the disgusting grease bag hookers that populate it, women and men…. Swayze was given 6 months, and just as he did with his withering career through the 90’s, he never complained, he never let the public see him down.  Fuck you Jesus, fuck you people, that don’t deserve to breath the same air as such an awesome human being yet, you’re still here… Fuck you…

Mr. Swayze, I had the time of my life.


2 thoughts on “Swayze.

  1. i think you just made me cry a little….
    i also think you are one of the few who actually loved point break, like i did!! and saw powder blue…
    he will be missed.

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