DVD Sunday Sunday!

Hah kay! So I didn’t bother seeing either of these in the cinema.. Im not quite sure why?  Just didn’t have the time I suppose.  Regardless we ended up watching them both last night and they were fucking awesome.  I got my advanced copies of Star Trek and Public Enemies Saturday morning, we ended up spending the weekend in Medicine Hat visiting with the grandma so didn’t end up watching either until last night…. cause im sure you give a shit…

They were both really well made…. Thats the best I can do for them really.  I had heard the rave reviews for Star Trek when it came out, so I figured, well, this is probably going to be awesome… I’ve never been a fan of the series, necessarily… Popped it in last night and even my high expectations were blown away.  I loved it, it was perfect.  I think what’s really to be said about this new Star Trek is that, it’s casting was fucking masterful…  Every character was absolutely perfect,  every actor seemed to know their part flawlessly, yet where this film excels against its old predecessors, is, in the fact that the actors playing the characters in this reboot didn’t go over the top with their performances.  (no shatner)  Chris Pine was awesome… He was perfect as Captain Kirk, he was able to capture the essence of the old Kirk, without any cheap impressions.

What JJ Abrams has managed to do with the new Star Trek is make it an extremely smart character driven adventure story… It’s still an effects laden action spectacle, but that comes second to Abrams, who is most famous for creating the series Lost on television, which I cant fucking stand but you can see, even through his television efforts, that story comes first for Abrams.  I could go on…  Maybe, Im kind of tired… It hits Blu Ray next month MAKE SURE you fucking pick it up… This ones a keeper.


So after watching Star Trek, we watched Public Enemies… By Michael mother fucking best director that ever lived Mann.  Enough said.



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