Im lazy… I attribute that, to being fat.

Yeah!!!! I watched so many good movies lately… you fuckers..

Right, so I watched Quiz Show for the umpteenth time yesterday..  What a fucking kick ass movie this is.  Every time I watch it I find myself getting more lost in Rob Morrows seductive eyes… Ehhmm..  Kay so It’s directed by Robert Redford and obviously by that name alone im sure you’re going to assume that its fucking boring as shit…Right?  WRONG…Keep in mind that he’s also the man behind Ordinary People… Got your fucking attention?… Anyways Quiz Show is a film that centers around the late 50’s game show scandal surrounding a few different programs.. The central program being 21.  Which if you haven’t heard of, you’re probably retarded.. or a vegetable…  Anyways.. Ralph Fiennes.. John Turturro, Rob Morrow.. What more could you ask for??  Excellent movie, if you’ve seen it, watch it again… If not.. Check it out.


Hah… Ill add some trailers near the bottom of select films that I enjoy… Obviously..

A little while back i blogged about the Coen Brothers.  I’ve got a couple more of their films that I watched this week…. again, for the billionth time.. It was well worth it.  I was sitting around thinking “Man, I could really go for a fucking Caucasian!” And not the kind of Caucasian that steals your wallet and leaves you butt naked in the middle of the strip in vegas…. to be arrested… and humiliated…. No no, not THAT kind of Caucasian… The kind that you drink! More formally known as a White Russian… After going to the store and getting Kahlua Vodka and Milk, I said “Fuck, I haven’t watched The Big Lebowski in fucking YEARS!!”  So I recently acquired the film on Blu Ray… Nothings to be said about the Lebowski… The dude… El duderino… You know, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.  Nothings to be said at all except that its the coen brothers finest film and John Goodman is my fucking hero.

Whether you watched it this morning or have never seen it.. Watch it.  Remember that list that I compiled years ago?  This one was numero uno… so please.. do yourself a favor.


Sorry kiddies, thats all the time that I have.. like i’ve been saying for a week I’ve watched a lot of movies in my evenings… So tomorrow when I get a couple minutes in my hectic schedule Ill toss a couple more up.. But you have to promise me one thing… WATCH THIS SHIT!!! HAH


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