DVD’s O’ Da Week.

Kay.  We’ve watched a ton of shit the last week and most of it, if not all of it has been quite good…

First we’ve got Wristcutters: A Love Story Starring Patrick Fugit, of Almost Famous… Fame.. And Shannyn Sossamon of Rules of Attraction fame… Directed by Goran Dukic, who is not famous at all…

It’s the story of a kid that kills himself and ends up regretting the choice, he’s left with a fuck load of time to think about that particular poor choice because he gets sent to a sort of a suicide purgatory, and if you thought life was mundane and depressing…   fuck..

Anyways.. it’s a love story.  Kind of set in a “road trip” in purgatory fashion, its quite good actually and paces itself very well for such an ambitious Indie…  I implore you, check this one out you wont be disappointed.


Kay the next one that we watched was an excellent horror film from Christopher Smith, who gained notoriety directing Frank Potente in the somewhat pretentious thriller Creep, This film however was played out much better than Creep and cut almost perfectly.  The film suffers somewhat from typical horror cliches I think it’s almost impossible now-a-days not to, though it does suffer from some very specific horror cliches it tackles them with a brisk amount of hilarity and dark humor, which I think is missing from most slasher flicks present in todays genre market.  It tackles them and presses on, quite nicely in fact.  The film is called Severance and is the story of a group of co-workers headed out to a lodge in the middle of eastern fuck off nowhere Europe.  They get somewhat lost and make their way to the wrong lodge.  Thus their team building experience goes completely fucking backwards… They’re stalked by a mysterious masked man in the woods which never goes well… then things start getting bloody.  Cliche driven right?  Wrong! as much as it goes by the formula of any old slasher flick this ones different in the sense that, without giving anything away, has a lot to say about eastern europe and a lot of political undertones which help give some serious depth to a film that without it would just be another gore picture.  Also at times this is one of the most darkly comic films i’ve seen in a long time, its really fucking funny and is made quite charming by the actors who never quite put themselves in horror mode and are always relaxed, in a sense, and always very english… It kind of plays out like The Office (uk version) Meets Black Christmas.  Yeah.. good.

Anyways check this one out, my favorite of the week by far.


Kay Im done writing for now.  I’ve got about 5 more films, new and old to put up in the next day or two so definitely check back soon..

And as fucking always people WATCH THIS SHIT.


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