Avatar Screening. Fuck.

I don’t honestly even know where to begin.  Caught 20 minutes of avatar friday at 615 at the free screening in IMAX 3D.  Holy fuck.  I guess showing the first teaser trailer’s as good a place as any to start so why not check this out first and we’ll go from there.

There isn’t a lot uploaded on youtube yet, so, hopefully the AP doesn’t take that down too soon…  I live in Okotoks, which if you’re retarded, is about a 45 minute or more, depending on the traffic, drive to Chinook Mall.   So I snagged my tickets to the free screening wednesday morning.  Thursday morning the trailer hit the internet.  I was up early “working” so I was online the minute apple.com decided to drop it and drop it they did, they completely fucked up the launch.  They didn’t have the page up until atleast 17 minutes after the fact and then it was plagued with scripting errors until atleast 40 minutes after the fact.  I was able to catch a french version of the trailer while i waited for apples HI DEF.  So after watching the trailer, several times, cause im a fucking loser, I came to the conclusion that I was maybe just a little bit underwhelmed.  At the same time, I knew that photo realism couldn’t come with a 2 dimensional video, I had to see it in 3D to get the full effect.  So after debating whether or not I wanted to make that 45 minute trek for just 15 minutes of footage and perhaps an hour of waiting in line, I finally came to the conclusion that, I HAD to see this shit in it’s 3D format I had to prove myself wrong, that it wasn’t disappointing, it’s just not the right media for such an opus to be carried.  Im really fucking happy that we went.  Geo and I and my buddy Heath O’FuckerFee set out friday at around 445.  We got to the screening just shortly before 530.  The line was a decent size but we were still able to squeeze up close to the front, once we were finally let in, 15 minutes before the screener was supposed to begin, we were handed our enlarged IMAX 3D glasses and we made our way to our seats.  We managed to get the most killer seats in the house, fucking right smack in the middle in the middle.  The best.

The screener was introduced to us by an extremely 3D version of James Cameron, which was nice.   Then the insanity began.  We were shown about 6, 3 minute clips from the film.  As far as story is concerned it looks extremely involved and interesting, kind of a modern take on Pocahontas.  Anyways the main thing to talk about here is the fucking fully immersible 3D Tech…  I’ve never in my life seen anything of this magnitude, I was completely fucking blown away the luscious atmosphere and scenery of the planet Pandora was so amazingly real and infront of you I had felt at times that I was sitting on another fucking planet.  The scenes where Jake Sully, Sam Worthingtons character, was being transferred into the body of a Na’Vi were unreal.  I cant fucking get over how insane this shit was.  Even when in one scene you’re just watching people sit around, what looks to be a military base cafeteria, and talk to each other.  You really get an almost uneasy sense that you’re a little bit too close to these people.  Its fucking crazy.

This particular image below, in 3D was one of the craziest fucking things ive ever seen in my life.  I felt like i was sitting 200 years in the future.  my god.


Don’t let all of the cynical bloggers online persuade you in other directions because they’re all retarded.  There are a lot of people out there that have their hate on just so that they can be the odd one out.  Really if you hype anything as much as Avatar has been hyped it’s going to fall victim to the hands of the internet douche bags that have nothing better to do than write about how it never lived up to its hype.

Let me tell you, from a guy that literally spends his life studying cinema and film old and new bizarre and mundane.  This film lives up to it’s hype and is fucking revolutionary in every way.  Even if it’s just for the technology involved.  This film truly will pioneer the film industry in a way that nobody’s seen since that first time you watched a Tyrannosaurus Rex chase down Jeff Goldblum.  Where as in that film, people had said, “woah thats a real fucking dinosaur”  I believe Avatar will have people saying “woah thats a real fucking blue alien thing”

Well done James Cameron, well done.  December 18th I will be the first fucking person there.

This concludes my rants on Avatar, probably for quite some time.  Unless there is a retarded marketing blitz and theres a shit load more to offer.  I don’t have much else to say about it.



One thought on “Avatar Screening. Fuck.

  1. Agreed. That was probably the coolest 18 minutes of film I’ve ever witnessed. Can’t wait to see that whole dragon scene again in its entirety. Absolutely incredible. Thanks for getting me the tix man.

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