Funny People.

Took off from work early yesterday afternoon.  For some reason I was under the assumption that if you went to a movie on a tuesday, it was substantially cheaper?… I must be a fucking idiot because when the wife and I showed up at the Matinee it still cost 25 fucking dollars to get it… I had an argument quite some time ago about how, as a theater owner, you need to charge the shit out of people, especially if you’re running some sort of megaplex it can be quite expensive.  So, let’s make a medium pop 6 dollars, a handful of nacho’s 7 dollars and if you want popcorn you better be willing to suck dick or fork over your car keys… Either way there is a reason that I, the selfish little bastard that I am download most of my movies.  If the movies done well and I really enjoy it, when it hits shelves, I always buy it….  But what a fucking trap… What a pile of shit.. How bout’ leave the theaters how they used to be… Enjoyable! I go to a theater now-a-days I feel like im joining the fucking circus… There’s fucking giant statues blowing green smoke at me.. A bunch of asian kids standing in a circle freaking out yelling at some sort of super fast moving human after careful observation you see some 12 year old kid in the middle of the group dancing like a fucking maniac on something that looks like a fucking time machine.  There’s Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, NYF, FUCKING TACO BELL! and for some reason if I go to get a fucking enchilada its 76 dollars… what the hell is that about ?…  Going to the theaters is fucking sickening.  Though regardless of all that.  I had a nice little afternoon date with the wife and burned a sizable hole in my fucking pocket.  The screen we were in housed only 3 couples which is perfect, there’s 2 types of people that go to the movies.  People that know the etiquette and are worried that they’re even chewing to fucking loud and there are the people that think they’re still in their living room and don’t mind shelling out a house payment to sit there and ignore what they’ve  paid for.  Luckily for us we had the tight ass first crew.  Quiet as all hell, which in a 3 hour bittersweet film can be quite awkward at times.


Anyways now that you know that.  We saw Funny People.  It’s Judd Apatows senior effort and it definitely plays out that way.  It’s his most mature film to date and also in my opinion his funniest.  It melds the bittersweet with the agony and pain of knowing you’re going to die and losing everything important in your life and it does it perfectly… I think Apatow proves with this film that he is an amazing auteur and knows how to work his cast.  Don’t be surprised if around christmas time this year you hear a nomination of best actor for Adam Sandler, he’s that good.  As George Simmons a man diagnosed with a terminal form of blood born leukemia he is absolutely on key and unflinching and definitely shows the audience that he’s grown immensely as an actor and a human being.  You really feel the guys pain for the first half of the movie..  Seth Rogen’s best film, hands down.  After the last couple of efforts from Rogen I had felt that maybe he’s not as funny as everyone thinks but no, he really is one of the funniest guys alive.  He shadowed Sandler perfectly in the film as an up and coming comedian running the improv circuit.  The stand up in this film is fucking hilarious, let me tell you.  The writing that went in to this film is that of sheer genius.  Seth Rogen is a fucking pioneer in the veins of a new generation of comedic films.  He’s been quoted as saying “it’s really fucking hard to write really funny shit more than once”  and I could imagine especially in a film that relies on jokes upon jokes.  Relies on comedy through character development and relationships and also relies heavily on improv and writing for stand up.

Anyways the movies a delight, its really long so I would recommend waiting for the DVD but definitely Watch This Shit best comedy of 09′ best drama of 09′ check it out.


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