Vengeance. A splash of trailers perhaps?

Right so up until last week I had seen Oldboy a few times and loved it immensely..  I watched parts of Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and it seemed interesting enough.  So I figured since Park Chan-Wook is probably one of the finest directors of all time, why not watch them in succession..?  So I did.  We did rather.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance/Oldboy/Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

Oldboy being the only material Park didn’t necessarily conceive in his own right…  All three of these films were absolutely fan-fucking-tastic… Let me tell you, they are not easy films to sit through.  They are violent, graphic, sexual, depraved but its all done with a sense of class oddly enough, ass much as these movies push envelopes they never feel gratuitous… You may feel by watching these movies that they are gratuitous but really the violence in these films is absolutely necessary to show the emotion.. and the “vengeance” of the characters… so because of the theme and context of these films it never comes across in such a manner…  Tasteful disgust if you will….

Anyways the first is Mr. Vengeance. About a deaf and dumb man who is trying to get a kidney transplant for his sister.  He gets fired from his job and everything goes for shit.  He has 40,000 won saved up and the transplant is 200,000.  He finds out about a back alley business where you give them money.  They find you an organ…. He gives them money they drug him take his kidney and his money and leave him… There in lies the first revenge tale… Then, because they still need that fucking kidney, they concoct a plan to kidnap his former bosses daughter…  There in lies the second revenge tale.  Anyways I could go on this movie relies heavily on its narrative and is a fucking delight to watch.  A little draggish at times but all in all a pitch perfect revenge masterpiece.. fucking watch this shit…


Next of course.. we have Oldboy. The obvious best of the trilogy….  Probably Parks best film… I blogged on this film earlier last month so im not going to go into too much detail… JUMP…

Anyways Oh Dae-su is held captive for 15 years with no reasoning and never knowing who his captors were.  He is then given 72 hours to exact revenge on his captors.  It just gets reeeeeeeaally fucking fucked up from there… Soooo good.. watch this shit.


And last and most certainly not least we have Lady Vengeance.

This one probably has the most intensely gratifying revenge sequences… Its fucked up…  The cinematography is beautiful in this one, Parks use of colors is fucking astounding…  This one is about a woman who is imprisoned for 13 years for smothering a child..  She is released and takes revenge on the person that actually did it… whom also killed a bunch of other peoples kids… and they all get their revenge…  Fucking hardcore…


Watch all of these movies.. One after the other…  Now all of them are kind of difficult to follow and the outcome is figuring out who the antagonists are… … So up there … I just gave away a lot of the movies so just forget what I wrote after you read it…

Moving along… Ive got a couple of trailas!!!! bitches…  So first off this super annoying trailer for A Serious Man, directed by the Coen Brothers… This looks awesome.. It also looks a lot like the confident filming style of No Country.. which makes it that much cooler…

Looks cool huh…

And this… Im super fucking excited for Where the Wild Things Are… and not because I give a shit at all about the book.. cause i fucking could care less about the book.. I am however really fucking excited because I love it when Spike Jonze directs a movie… so check out this featurette for the film…

All for today… Read this whole thing or ill kill you…  It took me like 15 minutes to write all of this.. fucker.

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