Couple of interesting trailers….

Right so this first trailer… Premiered at Comic Con last year… Though the production had been a little shaky after the trailer had premiered so all there was for video on this trailer was a bootleg from CC…  This year at Comic Con they rereleased it, touting the fact that it will now be shown in 3D and instead of being called TR2N It will be called Tron: Legacy… Oh yeah.. thats fucking right… TRON a fucking sequel to TRON… Im fucking pumped… have a look, it looks fucking sick.

Next we have the first trailer for Ninja Assassin.  Produced by the Wachowski Brothers… Whom have a lot better luck producing these days… not to say Speed Racer was bad.. cause it was fucking awesome… But V for Vendetta… I mean.. wow…  Anyways watch this shit it looks fucking cool.  You’ll just have to deal with the Subs at the bottom as everyone living on this planet other than people in Peru apparently are fucking retarded and can’t upload decent audio…  Fucking silly…  WTS!!!!!!!


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