Shit from all ova!

Mmm.  I’ve been spending most of my evening time watching movies movies movies the last few days.  So it seems that I would have a lot to talk about..  Guess what.  I fuckin’ totally do.

First… Lets just get this straight out of the gates.  I am married.  To a woman.  With a vagina.  So in no way am I a pillow biter BUT! I fuckin’ watched 17 Again… AND it was fucking excellent.  Not even kidding, that little fucker Zac Efron was even in it and I thought he was spot on.  Let’s talk cast first, so i dont sound like a total fucking queer.  Thomas Lennon, the funniest guy on Reno 911 obviously.  Leslie Mann, one of the funniest women alive and Matthew Perry.  Say what you will about Matthew Perry… Hes fucking hilarious. It’s about a guy thats super disappointed with his life, he goes from 37 to 17 blah blah the story is full of plot holes and bullshit but it’s just got really good writing.  Thanks in part to Thomas Lennon.  Anyways I implore you.  Pull your head out of your urethra and give this one a shot.  You will not be disappointed I fuckin swear on it or your money back.


Watch it.  Or ill kill you.  Or kill yourself.. whatever.

Next I want to talk about a guy that needs a shout out… Im talking about little Kelly Leek.  Oh yeah..  The Bad News Bears.  Do you remember?  well hes all growed up now and his real name is Jackie Earle Haley..  This guy couldn’t land a fucking role for the life of him.  He was a limo driver for 20 some odd years in Hollywood.  Auditioning all the time.  He’s not what you would call your typical Hollywood actor SO noone gave him a chance.  Cause Hollywoods fucking retarded.  Finally he scored a role in Little Children… You know that super awesome movie that you should watch if you haven’t.. with Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson.  This fucking guy finally scores a role and you know what he does with it.  He gets nominated for an oscar.  Cause hes that fucking good.  NOW someone let him tackle a starring vehicle and he fucking KILLED it… Im ofcourse talking about Rorschach’s character in Watchmen.  He fucking killed it, he really did.  He carried a 3 hour character driven comic drama on his fucking shoulders.  Why is it that this guy couldn’t get a job?  You fucking tell me cause as far as im concerned he’s one of the better actors out there today.  Regardless.  Just wanted to say that.  So if you haven’t seen it yet check out Little Children you’ll love it.



Watch this shit!  Heres to you Jackie Earle Haley! Fuck ya!


3 thoughts on “Shit from all ova!

  1. Dude WTF? Zack efron you fuckin queerbait homo.WTF? So gay. here are some suggestions:Punisher, war zone. actually just do all the punisher movies. The boy in the striped pajamas, The happening, Wes anderson, The who’s Tommy

  2. little children is fucking awesome!!
    i love that movie….
    i am totally not sure about the zac efron shit tho…

  3. Okay except the happening was the worst movie ive ever seen and the boy in the striped pyjamas was a pile of shit… ill get to wes anderson and ill get to punisher.. give me time you fucking tool..

    Though I think ill get to wes anderson immediately.

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