The Collector. Watchmen Lands.

Alright alright, im back from BC….  It was fuckin’ excellent.  35 degrees… Lots of Jager my hot ass wife… couldn’t have been better..

Now that im back.  I’ve got my advanced copy of Watchmen Directors Cut.  DO YOU!?  I fucking doubt it.  Im literally shitting in my pants.  over 3 hours of fucking excellence.  What a fucking monumental movie this is.  If you haven’t seen it, the movie drops officially July 21st and I suggest you get the Blu-Ray copy.

So just a quick update since it’s been a while (lots more this week, i promise you)

So I caught the redband trailer for a movie called The Collector.  It looks fucking sick… seriously.  Check it the fuck out..  By the guys that made Saw.  As much as I hate the Saw franchise.  Those fuckers have a tendency to surprise me with other enterprises.  Did you see Death Sentence?  So bad ass….

Check it the FUCK out!

Watch This Shit Bitch.


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