Watch these shits you fucker.

Cillian Murphy anyone?  Ive got a couple for you to check out.  They’re both very Irish but both very good.  I met this super scottish guy once and asked him if he had seen the first movie on this list.  Did he ever get offended my god.  Fuck you buddy wherever you are out there.  Im very much scottish but show me a scottish movie that isn’t a pile of shit romantic comedy or a waste of my fucking time.  Scottish cinema is lacking in the umph department.  So wherever you are guy suck my ass.

First.  We have Intermission.  Lots of farcical interactions between seemingly random douche bags in Dublin… Fucking excellent movie.

Check it out.


Next… Is Breakfast On Pluto… from the novel of the same name… this one Stars Cillian Murphy and was directed by Niel Jordan of Interview With the Vampire fame…  Pretty solid movie about a trans gender kid that sets off to London in search of his mother…. good show… check it the fuck out.


How about the Intermission trailer.  As I like Intermission more.  Fuck you and Watch This Shit.


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