Well if you’re anything like me….

I’ve been ranting and raving for the last few months about Avatar.  James cameron’s first film since fucking Titanic.  I dont think i’ve been more excited to see a film in my entire life.  If you’re not a fucking sociopath and not fully retarded you’d feel the same way if you knew anything about the production.  First off lets talk about the budget on this fucking epic mother fucker…  Most Cameron prognosticators are expecting this film to reach or surpass the 1 billion dollar mark.  The most expensive movie to film to date was The Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End with a staggering 390 million dollar budget… thats with advertising.  It made its money back with a billion dollar haul worldwide…  So to have a film that is costing 1 billion dollars just to fucking make… My god.. could you fucking imagine what this is going to look like… im shitting my pants.  James Cameron apparently is spending a lot of the money out of his own pockets.  He developed new technology.  New cameras.  New 3D glasses.  New 3D technology.  Oh yeah… The 3D technology in this is supposed to be revolutionary.  In recent interviews, while explaining what they’ve been developing Cameron stated that the viewer would be immersed in a complete 3D universe while sitting in your typical Imax.  Never feeling that there was anyone else around you or that you were even in a theater.  Just literally in the movie.  Anyways.. The guys a fucking pioneer and I salute him in every god damn way I possibly can…. It takes fucking balls to put up half a billion of your own cash to move an industry forward.  Big fucking balls.  So heres to James Cameron.  And the main reason that I posted this was that, the Cameron crew has been in production for years and have kept a really fucking tight lid on everything… literally no screenshots no plot points.. absolutely fucking nothing.  Except just the other day the group that is developing the game (also in 3d) for Avatar for playstation released some story board images.  And I came.  So check them out.. It all looks really mother fucking cool.






Check it out… If you get all excited about Avatar after all of this… Ill be updating this shit promptly with everything that becomes available..


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