Watch. The Visitor. Or ill kill you.

Richard Jenkins has to be one of the greatest character actors working today… With very little credit to his name, lots of credits, just no credit.  Unfortunately… You would remember him as the narcissistic father in Six Feet Under… or the dad in Step Brothers… Fact is, Hes been in a ton of shit and is equally impressive in every one of them…

I think today we’re going to go through a list of 2008 oscar nominees that I enjoyed and you can do with them as you like… So to start, We have The Visitor which Richard Jenkins was nominated for Best Actor….  About a man that returns to his New York apartment to find two illegal immigrants squatting there..  He soon befriends them and they teach him about life…. etc etc… you know the story.. Its a fucking good ass movie and the drumming is what really got me to enjoy it… Check it the fuck out r-tards.  Its on blu-ray… and dvd… whatever you’ve got… or just download it illegally and fuck the man in the ass…


Watch this shit bitch.


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