The Hustler. The Color of Excellence.

Heres a set of movies that I think you should watch… The first is an older movie… 1961-ish… I believe…  Have I ever told you how much I love Paul Newman.  He’s up there with my personal favorites… Check out The Hustler from Robert Rossen, director of such timeless masterpieces as Island in the Sun and All the Kings Men… Rossen died shortly after he directed The Hustler… unfortunately… he was quite the gifted filmmaker… anyways… this is something you need to watch.  I dont give a fuck how you feel about shiny black and whites… This film is a must…  You’ve got Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason pulling out all the stops in a high stake pool championship… what more could you ask for?

the hustler

Next, We’ve got The Color of Money.  Martin Scorseses Return to big budget films… after a half a decade departure… This one is fuckin gold… Technically a sequel to The Hustler… It picks up where Fast Eddies career is more or less gone… hes losing his edge… and his vision… he meets an up and comer with serious skill… yadda yadda…. that up and comer is Tom Cruise… regardless of the plot points this movie is fucking fantastic.  Do yourself a solid and take a break from the peanut butter and the schnauzer for a fuckin night and watch this shit…  Oscar for Paul Newman… which he was robbed of in The Hustler….


This snippet was from Paul Newmans final on screen performance in Road to Perdition…. Its flawless as fuckin always.  RIP Paul Newman… You magnificent mother fucker.


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