Oh the Horror…. The Horror… Oooh….

So check it.. The Fuck out…  More horror movies for you to watch… How about a slasher flick, a zombie flick and a really fucking scary flick…. Huh? how bout’ it?…

Kay first up to bat we’ve got The Tripper…  David Arquette wrote and directed this stylish kick ass slasher homage… It stars…. David Arquette, Jason Mewes and Pee wee herman.. Really well put together honest fuckin slasher flick.  Arquette is obviously a big fan of the genre as he knows exactly where to put his man sauce…. About a Ronald Reagan obsessed serial killer that needs to eliminate the hippy population… What better place to do so than in the woods at a concert… with an axe… Check it out… You’ll love this shit.


Next up to the plate, we’ve got Brain Dead! not to be confused with Peter Jacksons Dead Alive, which was more appropriately titled BrainDead (one word) in New Zealand and Germany… This movie is completely off its fucking rocker… probably one of the best fuckin zombie movies out there… not much to say story wise…. Group of people in a lodge, surrounded by alien infected zombies… Fuckin’ B Movie extraordinaire… much smarter than most of the bullshit zombie movies you usually see.. Worth checking out… if you can get your hands on it…


Right…. So third up.. I said I had something really fuckin’ scary…  Its called Kairo.  A japanese ghost story kind of movie… It was poorly remade in america.. as per usual… under the title Pulse, which translated back into Japanese is Kairo,  which wasn’t scary… it sucked… I hate America…  Fucking ruining japanese horror one movie at a time… anyways.. it tells the story of how ghosts reconnect with the living through electronics.. kind of… its seriously creepy as fuck… it sounds kinda lame but jesus… this movie creeped the shit right out of me… so scary… watch it in the dark… at night… preferably when its raining…  You wont be disappointed if you’re looking for something frightening…


Kay so heres the trailer for Kairo… Cause its by far the creepiest of the three…


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