Richard Kelly Usually….

This movie… Got a fuckin’ ass load of bad reviews in its original form.  It was an overlong cliche driven political power house of a movie… that was just all over the fucking place….

I was lucky enough to be able to see both versions of the movie.  The overlong ridiculous version really wasn’t all that good.  It was somewhat all over the place.  The storyline was far too difficult to follow and there were too many fucking characters to identify with any one of them.  Then, after premiering at the Sundance film festival and getting booed at all 4 screenings they decided to do some post production editing.  The result is Southland Tales and its fucking brilliant.  It’s really too hard to explain what this movie is about… You’ll just have to watch it for yourself and make your own judgments about it.   I honestly believe that the trailer for this movie was fucking marketed perfectly… Its better than the movie.  You don’t get that though, you get a scene with Justin Timberlake cause Justin Timberlake gives Ryan a boner.  Check it the fuck out…  (It is a scene in the movie, however)



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